1. Come prepared for your trip to Mexico. U.S. citizens may be required to show proof of citizenship, such as drivers license, birth certificate.

2. Be sure to obtain a tourist card from the information booth inside the border. If you plan on staying longer than 72 hours or will be traveling south of Ensenada.

3. Many U.S. insurance services are not valid in Mexico, so if you decide to drive your car over the border, be sure to purchase Mexican auto insurance.

4. If you don't want drive into Mexico or even park your car at the border, take advantage of the San Diego Trolley, it will take you directly to the San Diego Trolley, it will take you directly to the San Ysidro Border, where you can use the pedestrian walkway to walk across the border.

5. Residents of the U.S. may return home with up to $ 400.00 in merchandise, Tijuana is a duty free zone. Purchase can be paid for in the form of U.S. currency pesos, Traveler's checks or major credit cards. Check before trying to bring home fruits and vegetables. Certain ones are not allowed into the United States. There is also a limit to cigars (100 maximum), cigarettes (200 maximum) and alcoholic beverages (one liter).

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